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NO NONSENSE - EASY TO USE Home Building Software Templates for Excel®


NO NONSENSE - EASY TO USE Software Home Building Templates for Excel!!

Estimating Excel Software

Simply The Best Excel ® Template Value For Custom Home Builders - Period!!!

CBD2 Estimating

Open windows to an estimating program you can master in less than an hour. The premier management tool for controlling construction costs. Totally integrated with a simple cost-to-complete accounting system for today's small custom builder. Whether you build 10 homes a year or 200, CBD2 is designed to reduce and control direct construction costs. Automatically calculates lumber, roofs, sheetrock, foundations, stucco, brick, countertops and many other items with minimal input. Truly the fastest, easiest and most affordable estimating program available today. A preprogrammed Spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel®

Always, Always test out the Demo programs before you purchase the Full Version program
to make sure that it performs to your expectations for your home building business and that it works properly on your computer. There are no Refunds after purchase due to the type of product, that being a downloadable program.

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• Our #1 Selling Program!!
• Ultra easy to use spreadsheet type format
• Easy Tab navigation
• Calculates under estimated items like roofs & lumber
• Allows complete numbering of all cost codes
• Calculates c-tops, trim, brick and many other items
• Even calculates sheetrock and foundations
• Printable schedules and analyses
• Tracks change orders, showing projected profit
• Allows a "YES" or "NO" cost to complete variance
Office Excel 2007 & Newer


• Printable cost to complete and summary analysis
• Designed for Microsoft Excel®
• Demo - Free Download Demo - Click Here
• Sreen shots - Click Here
• CBD2 Sug. List Price $99.95
• New Pkg Pricing -CBD, Sch E, LTE, Remod Deluxe & CBR Roofing
• All 5 Programs $324.30 Now On Sale $25.95*
• All Programs Are Downloadable Only!

* Texas Residents subject to 8.25% Sales Tax


VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: Don't waste your hard earned money on other programs that cost $150, $200, $500 or even more which are extremely complicated, over featured and take hundreds of hours to learn just the basics to use them. Our programs are straight forward and can be learned in less than an hour. Remember you are a home builder, not an accountant or computer geek - SIMPLY ESTIMATE YOUR COSTS TO CONSTRUCT AND GET BUILDING WITH COMPROTEX SOFTWARE!


CBD2 ONLY Special Offer Just $9.95
This Program is Downloadable Only!
$9.95* - CBD2 ONLY! (Sug. List Price $99.95)

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5 Program Package $25.95

This Special 5 Program Above Package Pricing Includes -
CBD2, Sch E, LTE, CBD Remod Deluxe & CBR Roofing

All Programs Are Downloadable Only!

$25.95* (Reg $324.30) - - All 5 Programs Package

* Texas Residents subject to 8.25% Sales Tax

Note: After your purchase, you will receive a email receipt and a 2nd email for download instructions! **
Refunds - Due to the type of product, that being downloadable, there are NO REFUNDS after purchase.

** 2nd email for download instructions only sent out during normal business hours M-F 9AM to 5PM

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